Welcome to the Grey School of Wizardry

We opened our virtual doors in 2004 to a handful of bright-eyed youngsters. Rocketing forward beyond our expectations, the Grey School took on a life of its own to include more Adult students than Youths, a regular and professional e-zine to rival many printed publications and our very own online store to serve our students' many and varied needs...

Keep Magickal Education Affordable!

Dear Students of the Grey School of Wizardry:
This year the Grey School is 10 years old! And how we have grown! We have increased the number of classes available to over 470 and all 16 majors can be completed. Now we are turning to you, our adult students, to help us to grow even more.
As you know, our only income is from our modest tuitions and donations. For us to expand our offerings, we need a little help. Grey School needs to seek multiple sources of income so we can keep tuition rates low, while still providing a quality experience. ...
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The Grey School can now be found in Second Life!

The Grey School now has a home in Second Life! This new program, which started on December 1, 2013, now hosts a school grounds where students can interact with each other and their instructors in a virtual environment. For more information, please review our announcement.

New YouTube Video!

View a 7-minute documentary film about the Grey School by Australian filmmaker Nick Baker here.

NEW! Grey School Magister Program!

The Grey School of Wizardry (GSW) Magister program is designed to allow adult students to take an unlimited number of classes at the Grey School of Wizardry from all levels without the constraints of the structured Apprenticeship program. Magisters will not be eligible to receive a Journeyman Certificate, but will be able to enjoy most aspects of student life at GSW. Magisters, just like Apprentices, may take up to four classes simultaneously, with an unlimited total number in a calendar year. But Magister students will not be tracked by level and will not have to take the required classes for the respective levels. However, any pre-requisites for specific classes will still have to be met, and Magisters will be required to submit class assignments for grading in the same manner as Apprentices. For more information, please visit the Media / Press page on our site to download a full Press Release.