Department of Lore (Grey)

Photo from The Fellowship of the Ring

Welcome to the World of Lore! Lore means “teachings,” and Lore Mastery is all about knowing arcane (hidden) secrets and esoteric mysteries known to very few others. It is said that “knowledge is power,” and much of a Wizard’s true power comes from his vast knowledge. Lore particularly concerns myths and legends; a Lore-Master is also a storyteller, who can always come up with a tale to make any point.

It is the mission of this Department to help the student develop the ability to access, synthesize, and critically evaluate arcane knowledge from a variety of magickal cultures. Such knowledge is crucial to the Wizard in practice as well as development and includes, but is not limited to: world mythology, world history, hidden realms, wizardly fiction, and cultural pantheons.

The color of magick associated with this Department is Grey, representing knowledge, lore and wisdom. Like Indigo, Grey is particularly associated with Wizardry, as it is neither black nor white, and indeed encompasses all colors while being none of them.

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