Department of Performance Magick (Orange)

Illustration by Miles Pinkney

Welcome to the World of Performance Magics! Also called conjury or stage magic, performance magic deals with “miraculous” illusions and special effects, which have been used in enhancing the theater of ritual since the first campfire was lit. Various types of performance, such as magic acts, acrobatics, juggling, puppetry, and fire-eating all came from such rituals. This Department also includes the Bardic Arts of music, chants, poetry, singing, and storytelling.

It is the mission of this Department to help the student acquire the essential skills, both physical and conceptual, to make his or her performances consistent with magickal and ritual activities. These arts follow the time honored position of getting the audience’s attention so that focused magical arts can be effective and memorable. These practices include conjury, bizarre magic, ritual poetry, bardic arts, chants and invocations, entrancement costume, and make-up & masque.

The color of magick associated with this Department is Orange, representing pride and courage; heroism and attraction; kinship and prosperity (as in a good harvest). Orange is attuned to warmth, friendship, abundance, spirit, will, principles, theory and alertness. It is also associated with the performance arts and conjury (stage magics).

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