Magick Alley - the official, online school store for GSW.

Magick Alley is the Grey School's very own online store that was created to assist the students of Grey School on their path of magickal education or even those who find their way here across the web.

From the store's front page:

We carry many books from our Faculty and are growing to obtain materials which will be needed within the classes in Grey School of Wizardry. We are currently focusing on the divination Department - a small selection of tarot cards for many of the classes and a few accessories, oracle cards, and stones are available! 'Dragon Jewels', Grey School's stone divination class, requires a small grouping of stones which we have created in a nice red velveteen bag for purchase. We are also carrying a Chakra Set in a nice blue velveteen bag which can assist in the Chakra class as well as maybe for some of the meditation classes. 'Divine Liver Book & Oracle Card Set' is available for the Level 3 'Divine Liver' class based on Haruspicy. We are hoping that by the beginning of 2010 we have a nice assortment of gemstone pendulums along with some other scrying tools available and this is something we are looking into now.

We carry the complete line of Penkhaduce jewelry - the pendant, earrings, and tie tacks in 24k gold and sterling silver or pure sterling silver. There are still the two different styles of tee shirts (which can be found at many a gathering.) Some altar items such as statues, plaques, smudge sticks, albacore shells, charcoal briquettes, and even a reasonably priced candle snuffer; and this area has huge potential to grow *hint, hint*!

We do suggest all international orders be processed via e-mail for a more accurate quote at - the store will process them but sometimes we can come up with a better price for shipping than it calculates. Totally your choice.

Visit the official Magick Alley e-Store here.