Students of the Grey School of Wizardry give their thoughts...

If you want to know about a school, ask the students! It seems that our students are very eager to share the school with others. Below are some of the things that Grey School students have to say about us.

There's no other way to describe this facility, other than by saying that it feels like 'coming home'. The Grey School (GSW), though designed and aimed at youths, provides a very real and engaging challenge to both youths and adults alike (in fact the Adults outnumber the Kids!).

GSW is a place that provides reliable, un-biased learning in areas that most mainstream schooling cannot provide and most other magickal facilities charge through the roof for. Based online, the GSW can be accessed anywhere there is internet access, featuring a main School Website where the lessons are housed, and a social Forum that is strictly monitored.

The level of care the Faculty show, both in the preparation and grading of lessons and essays and in maintaining the 2 websites is second to none I've encountered online. Based loosely around the 'Hogwarts' concept, GSW is set up to accommodate the Youths & Adults in separate Houses & Lodges respectively, each with their own Heads, Captains & Prefects to ensure order and discipline and to assist the students in their studies as they can.

The youth students and adult students are kept separate in their studies and private forum access, with strictly monitored 'general forums' that allow open communication between the two age groups.The classes are set about in such a way that anyone from age 11 upwards can delve into and increase their knowledge of life and the world in which we all live.

The Professors who instruct the classes are all easily contactable and make an effort to interact with their students to ensure success wherever possible and to keep an eye out where adjustments to course materials might need to be made.

Overall, after almost three years of having their Great Hall open to the public, the Grey School of Wizardry is stronger than ever, with many great plans for the future.

-- Laneth | Order of the Dancing Flames
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Every other educational resource I've found for magick has been from a Wiccan or Pagan viewpoint. The Grey School doesn't do that. They present magick as an art and science that doesn't require a specific faith. If not for the Grey School, my studies of magick would have been at best, stifled or at worst dangerous.

-- Beithar | Society of the Four Winds
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The Grey School is honestly my favorite place online and if it existed physically on Earth, THAT would probably be my favorite place. The education is cheap in price but not in quality. It is unbiased and well-structured. I've made great friends here and have the best time. I've learned a lot, and it has helped me out in life, too. It's boosted my confidence and ability to enjoy life. I would go as far to call Grey School my home.

I mean, it is a school that I decided to go to and I paid for by myself. Does that not just not speak for itself? Grey School has managed to get over 600 people (adults and children, alike) to do that. I've learned more about science, English, history and magick through Grey School. So even for those who don't believe in magick, I can say I benefited from my time here (and hopefully that will be a long time).

-- Wingseeker | Gnomes' Prefect
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I love Grey School! The classes are intriguing, the staff is helpful and the level of social interaction is both incredible and fun. I am so glad I joined...I have never seen another magickal school quite like it!

-- Melaleuca the Blue
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Grey School is fantastic!!! The people, the classes, the place, everything is cool around here! Grey School is for me the only place that I can express myself completely and nobody will deny me for what I am. For that reason, I'm very happy to be here! Very Happy!

-- Aniuvris | Circle of the Standing Stones
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I love this school! The variety of classes, the instructors and my fellow students are all wonderful. I was very surprised when I signed up to find it so organized and easy to use. It's a ton of information, for a very reasonable tuition. It's the best online wizardry school I have found so far!

-- Janicajayne | Order of the Dancing Flames
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The class material is accessible to all ages and levels of academic experience. You definitely get back what you put in--I decided to expect college-level work from myself, and I really feel like I'm back in college (except it's more fun this time around). I enjoy the social forums, too--it's nice to know there's somewhere on the Internet where those with a variety of opinions and beliefs can have an intelligent conversation without it degenerating into a potty-mouthed flame war.

-- Jymi X/0 | Order of the Dancing Flames
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I have to say, when I first came here, I thought I knew what Magick is, but only had the most basic understanding. Since then I have come to believe that Magick is life, it is in everything, and everyone in the world. I have found that I used Magick in some sense for half of my life, without knowing what it really is. This school, while made for children, is very challenging to anyone, and can help even the experienced grow farther.

I have learned a tremendous amount here, and everyone is very helpful, and friendly. The teachers are very knowledgeable, and willing to work with anyone, be it a novice, or a very experienced person. There is a vast amount of knowledge available here, things I never even thought truly possible. The social base here is also great, the students all interact on a forum for chatting, and helping each other.

It really is more like a big family, than a school. Everyone helps out however they can, whether it be a little advice, tutoring, or even buying or donating items to the school auctions. The students care about the school, and what happens to it, and that's what makes it so special.

-- CloudsGazer | Circle of the Standing Stones
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I have studied Magick and Witchcraft for the last 18 years and the "Grey School" is by far the most well organized school I have found anywhere. I believe that it will set the standard for instructional schools of its type for years to come.

-- Grimnr Veilwalker | Coterie of the Flowing Waters
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I know now as I always have that the Ways of the Wizard is my path. Always has been and always will be. We are enrolled in a great school, which will evolve and become greater with each year. We are all in for a great ride within the Grey School, one of learning and understanding. One where we can learn more about each other, the lessons, and life, but more importantly more about ourselves.

-- Myrddin | Circle of the Standing Stones
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I have been to other online schools, and none of them is even in the same league as Grey School. Grey School has a caring faculty, great students, and the price is very reasonable. Three cheers for Grey School!

-- Solaris | Coterie of the Flowing Waters
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I just want to say to my fellow classmates and teachers, that I think this school is one of the greatest high points of my journey in this life. I am very thankful for the teachers, their time, commitment, dedication and love for their work and students. While I am fairly new to the Magickal community, I feel that I do recognize a good thing when I see it.

I am 44 years old, and have experienced many things. This school is one of the better things that I have experienced in those years. It is not power that I want to gain, though certainly that is a part of it. Rather it is the lessons of the journey that I am interested in.

The humility of realizing that all of life runs in a circle and that ALL of Creation is a part of this circle, and that what we do, affects this great circle of life. The knowledge of the Wizard is to learn how to work in harmony with the circle. This I am sure is one of the many lessons that we will learn here at the school together.

-- Crowhawk | Order of the Dancing Flames
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